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Each Signature Home that Nordby builds is created as a special retreat,
featuring the exceptional craftsmanship that reflects the owner's unique lifestyle.




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Woodside Traditional Project

Woodside Traditional Residence

Architect: Chuck Peterson Architects
Photographer: Technical Imagery

Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project Woodside Traditional Project

Why Signature Homes

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We call our residential construction service "Signature Homes" for a reason. Each home we build reflects not just the taste, style and expertise of the architect and the owner, but ours as well.

As a craftsman proudly signs each item he or she creates, our homes are "signed" with meticulous attention to detail and a rigorous, thorough building process that ultimately ends with your satisfaction. When we hand over the keys we're confident that we've built a unique and special retreat that reflects the owner's distinctive lifestyle.

Nordby has over three decades of construction experience marked by an on-going dedication to schedules, process, details and results. We are personal, professional, and passionate about building.

We provide all of the services essential to the construction of a superior residence:

  • Conceptual Budgeting Through Final Budget
  • Procurement & Tracking of Long-Lead Items
  • On-going Property Maintenance Guidelines
  • Operational & Warranty Manuals & Checklists
  • Post-Construction Property Management
  • General Construction & Communications
  • Preconstruction Consulting
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Site Logistics & Planning
  • Timely & Pro-active Scheduling
  • Critical Analysis of Costs & Materials


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Our Passion

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Homes are the most personal, individual, and intimate of all structures.

Office buildings, factories, hotels, hospitals are commissioned by organizations, homes are built by individuals.

While buildings in general reflect the attitudes of a particular culture or civilization, each home bears the signature of its owner. It is a statement of their tastes and values.

Nordby Signature Homes has grown from a commitment that spans three generations of builders to express each client's distinct personality.

On a personal note, David and I do the work of building signature homes because we are proud that we can help people create a legacy.

Craig NordbyDavid Schroeder

Craig Nordby David Schroeder


Contact Us

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Nordby Signature Homes

1229 North Dutton Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone (707) 526-4500
Fax (707) 568-4035

Craig Nordby:
Email: craignordby@nordby.net

David Schroeder:
Email: davidschroeder@nordby.net

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